Thursday, April 23, 2009

Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Therapy Use in Korea

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Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Jae Wook Ryu MD PhD from Seoul Korea. Dr Ryu is the team doctor of professional baseball team (Woori Heros). Dr Ryu visited our clinic in Los Angeles all the way from S. Korea to exchange experiences & protocols. We encourage these international meetings and have had physicians visit from other countries as well.

Dr Ryu incorporates additional protocols prior to PRP therapy including acupuncture and nutritional supplementation & IV therapy to stimulate collagen (tissue) growth. Dr Ryu has treated professional athletes including a Korean professional baseball pitcher with great results. PRP holds great promise & hopefully by exchanging ideas with other pioneering docs across the globe we can make great advancements in medicine.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Breakthrough treatment boosts stem cells to heal bone fractures

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Recent research on a drug FDA approved in 2002 for Osteoporosis, Forteo: suggests that it may enhance release of adult stem cells to heal bone fractures.Of the six million fractures in the United States each year, approximately five percent will have slow or incomplete healing. Options are few for some patients who suffer with prolonged healing. Perhaps until now...

This is another example of how we are learning more & more that the key element to healing revolves around circulation of stem cells. We are entering the dawn of a "cellular phase" of medicine. Research is being done to treat challenging diseases like arthritis & diabetes. This drug helps turn stem cells into bone cells to cut fracture healing time down & reducing pain. This prompted a large government funded study.

The story was covered on ABC nightly news:
World News - ABC News

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Botox use getting more attention for healing rather than cosmetic use

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Recently Botox has been getting more press about it's applications for conditions other than vanity. Botox temporarily weakens muscle and blocks "substance p" which in turn blocks pain. Unlike many other meds, botox has very little side effect & lasts for months. As a result there is increased use across the board in medicine including migraines, neck and low back pain, and buttock pain (piriformis syndrome). Research is being conducted on prostate enlargement (BPH) and overactive bladder. Also patients with tight limbs from strokes or brain injuries receive this treatment to improve function.

The NY Times recently published an article on botox seeing increased use for medical conditions.

Also I published a chapter on botox use for sciatica (buttock pain known as piriformis syndrome).