Saturday, June 27, 2009

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My blog has moved to be a permanent part of my website at

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More content & videos to come! This blog has become a powerful tool to connect patients & doctors around the world to learn more about this exciting field of medicine.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Platelet Rich plasma study on tendon injury: Jumpers knee patellar tendonisis

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A study was done from Italy demonstrating clinical improvement in 16/20 male athletes who received a series of 3 prp injctions at 15 day intervals. They were followed up at 6 months. Interestingly 3 out of the 4 patients who failed to improve did not comply with the stretching & strengthening protocol following the injections.
Patellar tendinosis is a challenging condition because of poor blood supply, oxygen, & a lack of nutrition. Over half of athletes are forced to retire, & many continue to have pain after their retirement.

This speaks to the importance of post injection rehabilitation. I learned this firsthand after I tore my own Medial collateral Ligament in my knee after a surfing lesson.

I received a PRP injection and the rehab clearly accelerated the recovery process.

New PRP platelet rich plasma review article published addressing applications in elite athletes

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A PRP article was recently published from Spain reviewing current applications of PRP in orthopaedics. Most interestingly was the discussion surrounding use in professional sports. There is generalized confusion requiring rigorous definition associated with well characterized products and procedures. Currently US olympic athletes are able to receive the treatment under the WADA worl anti-doping agency; however must first apply for approval. There are no specific guidlines in other US professional sports organizations. PRP does not enhance performance & only treats a local injury & therefore should not be considered prohibited.

I expect more & more professional athletes to receive not only PRP but stem cell based therapies to accelerate recovery, both as injections & while undergoing surgery.

New research comparing platelet rich plasma to steroid injection for tennis elbow

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Data was released from Krakow Poland at the International Meeting on the use of Autologous Growth Factors in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine: "State of the Art" - Krakow, Poland - 24 April 2009. The study found that patients receiving cortisone showed a 40% improvement compared to PRP 75% at 12 months. This is the first head to head study. Cortisone is well known to carry a risk of weakening & rupturing a tendon & is often discouraged.

We are conducting a multicenter FDA approved trial on tennis elbow beginning Mid June 2009.