Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dr Steven Sampson's Platelet Rich Plasma Blog has moved to !

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My blog has moved to be a permanent part of my website at

New features of include:

Case studies with images & testimonials
PRP (platelet rich plasma) injection demonstration
Video interview of commonly asked questions about PRP

More content & videos to come! This blog has become a powerful tool to connect patients & doctors around the world to learn more about this exciting field of medicine.


Majid Ansari said...

Dear Dr. Sampson,

I am Dr. Ansari, a resident of sports and exercise medicine in Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

I visited you blog and was very impressed by your most excellent work. Since I am planning to use ultrasound guided PRP injection for treatment of musculoskeletal injuries in the university clinic (for both research and clinical purposes), I'd be more than glad if I can be assisted by your experience and expertise in the field.

In case you are interested in the issue, could you please drop me a note to my email?
(mailto: )

Best regards,

PS.: I tried to contact you via your new blog, but unfortunately there seemed to be some problems downloading the webpage.

Danny said...

Dr. Sampson

I am 23 years old and have been diagnosed with quaddri-tendonosis of the right knee. In Feb 2008 I tore my rectis femoris while playing baseball for the Univ. of Delaware, after a full recovery (minus the "divot" at the spot of the tear) I began noticing pain right above my knee (in late september of 2008). Eventually, in May 2009, I have the MRI completed and was diagnosed with tendonosis and was told I needed PRP. I received 1 PRP treatment 5 weeks ago, doing rehab 2-3 times per week, and I would say I am MAX 20% better than before. Now, my doctor is recommending a DEXTROSE INJECTION instead of a second PRP due to my "VEGAL" reaction of giving the blood and then having my tendon poked prior to the PRP injection. I am all for the PRP, as I was hopefull it would succeed and relieve my pain. What are your opinions? I am concerned the DEXTROSE will only relieve me a little and I will have to continue with more treatments, whereas the PRP has the potential of MORE REWARD? Please let me know your opinion. My scheduled DEXTROSE INJECTION is in 10 days. Thanks.

-Danny Overcash (PHILLY,PA)

Karen said...

I have a scheduled appt. at Duke Univ.(Jan. 29,2010) to see if I am eligible for PRP for my knee. I had arthroscopic for torn miniscus in Feb. 2009. I have osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. Will the rheumatoid interfere with the success of the PRP treatments? I am taking steroids, Humira and methotrexate. If I'm able to have the PRP should I not take these meds prior to the treatment? If I could receive a response very soon I would be very appreciative. Thank you so much. (Could not get into your new website)

amy said...

I have had patella tendinosis for 8 months and have tried every other modality with little success (pt, rest, cortisone, anti inflamatories) What has been your success ( and failure rate) with my condition and prp...... Do you recommend it and is there a practioner in NY you would suggest.

Thanx so much I am getting desparate as I am a 40 year old female recreational athlete who has been sidelined

Ayodeji Onibalusi said...

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s said...


I am looking for a physician in the Tucson, AZ area that is familiar with PRP and could assist me in getting treatment for my ankle. Can you guide me to a list somewhere or suggest someone to contact?

Thanks in Advance,

Stan Lehman said...


I am looking for PRP treatment for my ankle in the Tucson AZ area. Can you refer me to a contact list of physicians or provide a contact for further information?

Thanks in advance

Karen said...

To Stan, your best bet is to do your own research on the net. I'm on the east coast and finally found a dr at Duke University. He in turn referred me to Crane Clinic in St. Louis. They do PRP plus use your body fat. Dr. at Duke says this is a good procedure.

Hannah said...

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Hannah Bevills