Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Platelet Rich plasma study on tendon injury: Jumpers knee patellar tendonisis

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A study was done from Italy demonstrating clinical improvement in 16/20 male athletes who received a series of 3 prp injctions at 15 day intervals. They were followed up at 6 months. Interestingly 3 out of the 4 patients who failed to improve did not comply with the stretching & strengthening protocol following the injections.
Patellar tendinosis is a challenging condition because of poor blood supply, oxygen, & a lack of nutrition. Over half of athletes are forced to retire, & many continue to have pain after their retirement.

This speaks to the importance of post injection rehabilitation. I learned this firsthand after I tore my own Medial collateral Ligament in my knee after a surfing lesson.

I received a PRP injection and the rehab clearly accelerated the recovery process.


Rafi Bar-Lev said...

Hi Dr. Sampson,

While training in an special unit in the IDF as a Combat Medic, I seriously injured my knees with a terrible case of Patellar Tendinosis.

It finally began improving with prolotherapy, and I'm considering getting platelet injections soon and wonder what you thought.

Anonymous said...

I have a superbad case of tendinitis around the knee cap. I've been in PT, but the therapist thought it was best to load the tendon to strengthen it. This made it much worse, which he thought was helpful.

I'm thinking of doing prp or glucose prolo. I'm wondering what the chances are of this working.

Please advise.



Anonymous said...

I have not found any reports on the effectiveness of PRP for torn rotator cuffs. Does any one know if PRP will work for a full tear of my rotator cuff?

grace said...

I had surgery 3 years ago on my Left achilles tendon with success. I have a hagland's deformity which with activity causes microtears in the tendon. I am in pain daily with my right ankle (tendon) and was considering surgery again. Any info on platelet rich plasma therapy for this condition I have? Thanks for any info.