Sunday, May 4, 2008

New PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Knee Arthritis Study

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We are beginning clinical trials of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections in patients suffering with knee arthritis. There is an increasing "boomer" population with earlier knee arthritis as a result from prior trauma including meniscal tears & arthroscopies with scarring and cartilage loss etc. This phenomenon is termed "chondropenia." We are searching for non-invasive alternatives to knee replacements in these active individuals.

Patients will receive a series of injections under ultrasound guidance to insure proper placement. X-rays and MRI's, are taken into account & cartilage growth will be measured on serial ultrasound evaluations. Multiple pain score measures will be recorded as well. We plan on publishing this data so that the medical community can learn more about the promising role of PRP injections in cartilage disorders.


Chris said...

I have osteoarthritis not only of the shoulder but in my thumb also.
Is there any chance of getting into any of the PRP trials.
My oral surgeon used this treatment during preparation for a dental implant to enhance healing.
I was very impressed.
Please help as I really hurt all the time.

Ponky Firer said...

We have been injecting PRP into arthitic knees for 3 years. We are now looking into our results to see which patients have benefited. It seems some patients have complete resolution of symptoms whereas it has no effect on others.
We would like to hear your comments.
Ponky Firer
Orthopaedic surgeon, South Africa

Dr. Steve Sampson said...

Please send me your contact info to discuss our results of intra-articular prp use.

Henry said...

I have performed over 500 PRP injections including partial rotator cuff tears, medial and lateral epicondylitis, quadricep,and patellar tendonitis, achilles tendontis and plantar fasciitis as well as other chronic tendonpathies and have found that most patients will need 2-3 injections spaced about 3 weeks apart and the results are tremendously improved when done under US guided needle placement which allows precise localization of the PRP into the diseased area. Thrombin is also very useful when partial tears are involved.

Anonymous said...

Do you anchor the platelets in a fibrin gel. If yes, does this cause any complications like coagulation problems?

gatesk said...

I have had two miniscus repairs on the same knee. An MRI on the other knee shows it, too, has the cartilage behind the knee wearing away. Fluid on both knees. No Rheumatoid arthritus. I have had syn-visc injections with no luck. Pain and lack of mobility constantly. Is there any chance to find out how I could benefit from your study?

Christie said...

What PRP therapy are you using? There are a few out there. Is there a difference in any of them?

hipposelect said...

If you are doing a knee arthritis study for PRP, I would like to find out more information about the guidelines for participation. How would one go about determining eligibility to participate? I have degenerative arthritis in both knees due to past athletic endeavors, and the only reason I can walk at all now is because of Prolotherapy treatments. I would be very interested in PRP, if available.

aheldon79 said...

I have been suffering from severe knee pain for over 4 years! I have had so many cortisone shots that I have lost count. I also had surgery 3 years ago (Lateral Release). My doctor wants to do the PRP injection since my ligament that holds my knee cap is very weak and is ready to snap in two places! I am just really concerned because he said there is a chance that the ligament could rupture doing the procedure! Has anyone experienced this? Any advise or info would be great!


Up Yours said...

Dear Dr. Sampson. My son is 28 and has been suffering from what he has been told is a degeneratize in his knee cartiledge. He is barely able to walk and is in constant daily pain. He has no insurance and was fired from his waiter job because he can keep up with the pace. he is in desperate need of help. Is there any chance of getting him into a clinical Trial? He's desperate and depressed. Please help!

Tom Sawyer

Anonymous said...

Would this therapy work on ankle joints? I have been told I need an ankle replacement to due trauma-induced osteoarthritis.


Anonymous said...

I have chonodmalacia and tendonosis in my knee. I have had one arthroscopy, but the knee pain continues to increase. I am only 23, and am a university athlete. How am I able to participate in this study?

lana said...

This is a treatment... not really a study. I know that professional athletes and doctors are among patients at Integrated Medical in NY


Good luck

Steve said...

What about using in combination with own patient cartilage stem cells?

Cheryl said...

September 2009 I fell into a hole whilst on holiday overseas resulting me crashing to the floor and landing on my knees. When I returned I visited the Sport Dr in Ballito who advised that I would need an x-ray to determine if I have any fractures. Nothing was noted. Unfortunately the pain remained. This year, in March, I saw an orthopaedic surgeon who advised that I would need an arthoscopy. He recommed damaged tissue and cartlidge. After 4 weeks recovery, the pain on the left of the right knee was still there. Now I could not walk up incines, stairs or walk down incines or stairs. After four months, the orthopeadic advised that I needed another arthoscopy, which meant that he would remove cartlidge and by doing this I should be able to walk up / down stairs etc. Unfortunately, the operation was not successful. I have pain on the left of the right knee. I can't bend, walk up stairs or incines without is hurting. The leg retains fluid continuous after a day in the office. At gym where I have had to resort to cycling, it hurts. The Ortho in Ballito has advised that there's nothing that can be done, just live with the pain. Is there anything that I can do?

Anonymous said...

How did the study go do you have any data to be published.

Anonymous said...

I am 29 years old. I had a major injury to my knee 3 1/2 years ago. So here I am 2 surgeries later, 6 cortisone shots, a series of synvisc, a series a supartz, over 150 therapy visits, numerous MRI's and MRI Arthrograms.

The need for a knee replacement scares me due to my age and no one will perform it.

I am scheduled to have PRP done 2 weeks and am looking forward to having relief. I have spoken perosnally with 2 patients that have had this procedure done by my doctor and I am hoping for a positive outcome.

I will come back and post after the procedure is complete. Wish me luck!!

Sylvia said...

I am interested in finding out more about participating in the PRP trials. How does one go about determining eligibility to participate? I have degenerative arthritis in one knee due to an injury, and experience a lot of pain. I have been told by orthopedic surgeons that I will need a knee replacement. I am very interested in PRP, as an alternative to a TKR surgery.

Anonymous said...

Hi: I am on the East Coast in New York City, and there seems to be a paucity of physicians who are practicing the use of PRP for knees. I am interested in a clinical trial; but more importantly, I am interested in healing my knees - are there any doctors in the New York City area that you are aware of? If so could you point me in the right direction, I can barely stand or walk, and am in excruciating pain. Thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

What were the results of your study? I live on the East coast, and my orthopedist has recommended PRP for my knee. I have had pain since tearing my meniscus 15 months ago. My surgeon states there is arthritis in the knee, and that may be causing the continuing discomfort. PT, SynVisc, and cortisone injections have all failed to produce lasting relief.