Thursday, May 21, 2009

Korean Basketball Player Choo Seung-Gyun, receives PRP Platelet Rich Plasma injection treatment and wins MVP after Hamstring Injury

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Shortly following the visit to the Orthohealing Center in Los Angeles by Dr Jae Ryu MD PhD ; Choo Seung-Gyunof was treated in Korea with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for a Hamstring injury. Following successful treatment Choo lead the Egis throug a game 7 series in the (KBL) Korean Basketball League Championship in Jeonju.

The 34 y/o Choo set a record as the oldest player to achieve the award as well as his team's 4th Title. More & more professional athletes are receioving PRP Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. Studies are underway measuring the clinical benefits on tendon, ligament & cartilage (arthritis) for both elite & recreational athlete. This is a great example of international collaboration!

We encourage these visits & Dr Sampson will be travelling to Europe later this year to meet with pioneering physcians & researchers in biologics & stem cell therapy.

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Dale said...

My name is Dale White and I have been suffering with bilateral plantar faciitis since 11/08. I have been under treatment since that time using a wide variety of treatment modalities none of which have worked. I have had oral pain medications, oral steroid medications, physical therapy in the form of iontophoresis, cortisone injections x 3, workups with rhematologist to rule out auto immune disease and connective tissue disease, multiple and a wide variety of blood tests (all negative), MRI of both feet to rule out a broken foot (negative), neurologist examination and testing for nerve and muscle stimulation testing (negative), 17 accupunture treatments, used guided imagery, xray of my back to rule out disc/spine/back problem, negative. My brother, a physician, found an article on PRP injections and I have been looking on line to find out more about them. I am trying to find a physician in New York City or New Jersey (where I live) to do these injections on my feet. Do you have advice, information or sites or journal articles that you would reccommed I should look at? I am trying to find as much information as possible about this injection. Thanks
Dale White
I am a nurse manager at Valley Home Care part of the Valley Health System in Paramus, New Jersey
My work phone is 201-291-6228. Thanks.

Aura said...

Wow! It is great. Congratulations. I am joyful to be a part of this post.
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Anonymous said...

From the date of the first injection,how long was it before Choo-Seung-Gynn was able to sprint and play basketball again ? What was the waiting period he used ?