Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ultrasound Guided Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

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A growing number of physicians are using musculoskeletal ultrasound to guide various injections. As a leading imaging technique in Europe, ultrasound is safe, economic, convenient, & effective in diagnosing many injuries. The technology has dramatically improved and allows us to visualize nerve & tendon fibers. While the quality is not quite MRI caliber, ultrasound allows for dynamic (motion studies). In other words, ultrasound allows functional evaluation of an injury with movement, whereas MRI takes a still image. Also, ultrasound has color doppler that shows areas of blood flow changes (called neo vascularization). This allows us to deliver the PRP within a millimeter of the target site, or even discover other regions that are affected.

Ultrasound technology continues to grow. I just upgraded to this Sonosite portable machine with color doppler.


Chris said...

How many PRP injections do you do in a week? How many of those are done with ultrasound guidance? Do you do anything with stem cells or bone marrow?

Dr. Steve Sampson said...

PRP Injections are done on a regular basis three days a week. All injections are performed under ultrasound guidance with teh exception of our tennis elbow trial. We are doing research with Adipose stem cells.
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